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#1 2005-12-13 15:38:38

Registered: 2005-12-13
Posts: 2 derives from tidy but for some strange reason i only get the libtidy.a installed. I know that i somehow need to add the flag --with-shared but i can't find where. I have tried inside to edit the Makefile but i just don't find how and where i should add it. The strange thing is that is used by serveral apps but i can't find a single howto on how to install it.

i tried to extract the src of tidy but it lacks the configure script... seems to lack docks about it too or i don't know how to find it...

getting desperate...



#2 2005-12-13 18:21:33

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Have you tried to install via pkgsrc?



#3 2005-12-14 13:27:04

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i did try the usuall aproach on using pkgsrc but it faild in installing the shared version. The static version installed and worked out of the box but php5 needs the shared one.

After asking for someone to install it and then help me out on irc i finaly got an answer from hubert feyrer. He first look at the source and came up blank but later on he found out that it was a 5 step process:
1. Install tidy using pkgsrc
2. cd work/tidy/
3. sh build/gnuauto/
4. ./configure --with-shared
5. make && make install

It was all in the manual of build/gnuauto/readme.txt but that manual ain't connected as usuall to the man pages or the README.

(i googled alot but turned up blank on this so i hope this solution comes in handy for other ppl in my positon that spend days trying to find it)



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