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#1 2004-06-24 14:05:54



So i'm quite closed to my solution i found this info but i haven't understand...

> >   OK, now I caught up with you.  I found three lines containing
> > 0x280 in there.  I had to enter a bigger number than loc, 100 to find
> > all three.  I needed 5 or 600.  This is what I found.
> >
> > loc+0x280:        ffffffff    =0xf0279a2c
> > cfdata+0x280:        f0279bf0    =0xf0279f84
> > seqprog.202+0x280:    1aae0c10    =0XF027AD1C
> loc is a table of locators which are compiled into the kernel.  They
> contain the port addresses and irqs.  What you are looking for is
> a field which contains the port address 0x280.  You want to see a 0x280
> in the second column.  Now record the offset of these fields from the
> beginning of the loc table.
> > > w/l loc+<offset> <address>
> <offset> is the offset from the beginning of the loc table.  <address>
> is the port address that you have your ne2000 card set to.
> > > You will also have to change the IRQs:
> > >
> > > w/l loc+<offset>+0x10 <irq>
could someone be so kind to get to the point step by step
thank  you


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