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#1 2005-01-15 08:00:18


internal ftp server

hi all i searched in google for a while but no results
occeured to me so it's time to write.I got this
problem i got a netbsd 2.0 ipf dhcpd server and i
installed a internal anonymous ftp under openbsd3.6
ftp server is ok inside the lan,but if i want to
connect from the outside through the inside it doesn't
work.Those are my setting

pass in  from any to any
pass out  from any to any
pass in quick proto tcp from any to
port > 1023 flags S keep stat
pass out proto tcp all keep state

map pppoe0 -> 0/32 proxy port  ftp
ftp/tcp mssclamp 1452
map pppoe0 -> 0/32 portmap tcp/udp
40000:60000 mssclamp 1452
map pppoe0 -> 0/32 mssclamp 1452
rdr pppoe0 port 21 -> port 21

ok i read somewhere that the line rdr should have be
at the first line ,but i don't know if it's  right
thanks in advance for any help.


#2 2005-01-15 14:23:29

From: Stockholm, Sweden
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Re: internal ftp server

First, the two last lines of ipf.conf is
unnecessary since since you pass everything
in/out anyway. (The two first lines.)
Actually, that configuration don't provide any
filter functionality at all. You should disable ipf.

To use ipnat with map/rdr functionality, you need to set
#sysctl -w net.inet.ip.forwarding=1

Have you tried that?



#3 2005-01-15 21:44:03


Re: internal ftp server

yes sure i done it from the beginning


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